As of June 20, 2016, we at Activations Advertising, Inc. continue to cooperate with the NBI and the Congress regarding the investigation on Closeup Forever Summer 2016. The deaths that occurred during the event are a terrible tragedy and have been profoundly traumatic for all of the parties involved.

In the interest of full disclosure, we would like to make public the documents that we have submitted to the authorities, which includes the security plan, and validated by affidavits. We have decided to publish this so that the public can be informed about the details of the surrounding circumstances.

Currently, our organization is working with several security experts to find possible enhancements to our security protocol.

What is CloseUp Forever Summer?

CloseUp Forever Summer is an annual Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival featuring the world's top DJs performing live. The event is delivered and funded by CloseUp/Unilever Philippines with support from its contracted suppliers/co-organizers Eventscape Manila and Activations Advertising.



1.) CloseUp/Unilever Philippines - Principal

2.) Eventscape - Program Implementation , Staging Requirements, Logistics, Food and Beverage

  • Creative Conceptualization
  • Program Management
  • Stage Management
  • Technical Requirements
  • Stage and Fabrication Requirements
  • Backstage Management
  • Tents/Electrical Lightning Logistics
  • Coordination for the Set-up and Technical Requirements of Concessionaries
  • Coordination for Securing Mayor's Permit, PRA, and CBP
  • Procurement of Special Event Permits
3.) Activations Advertising - Event Security, On-ground Manpower and Logistics

Activations Advertising Inc. was given the task of planning, organizing and implementing the security and emergency measures for the event.

  • Planning and Implementation of event security and emergency procedures
  • Security and On-ground Manpower
  • Emergency Medical Team and Ambulances
  • Coordination with PNP
  • Coordination with Hospitals
  • Coordination with Licensed Ticket outlet
  • RFID Venue Entry System (by POUCH)
4.) SM Mall of Asia - Venue Owner, Security

The venue was provided by SM Mall of Asia at their concert grounds. The venue is a popular location for big concert events similar to CloseUp Forever Summer.

  • Venue
  • Additional Security


1.) PNP Pasay / Southern Police District (Police)

The Police was asked to support and participate in the planning and implementation of the event by providing expert assistance in regard to security planning and identifying potential dangers and hazards in events of this type. They were also requested to provide police assistance outside and inside the venue during the event for increase police presence.

  • Planning and Implementation Support
  • Police Presence
  • Law Enforcement
2.) City of Pasay
  • Permit Issuance
  • Venue Inspection Team
3.) Bureau of Fire Protection


Months and weeks before the event, CloseUp/Unilever and its joint suppliers and partners (Eventscape and Activations Advertising) formulated and finalized the event logistics, procedures and security measures in implementing the 4th annual running of CloseUp Forever summer music festival.

Standards Followed

  • Security Personnel Requirements
    • The security plan was based on the US events standard of security-to-guest ratio of 1:50, i.e. 1 security personnel for every 50 audience members.

    • Particulars Planned No. Actual Deployed
      On-ground Safety Commander and Security Commander 1 1
      Assistant to the Safety Commanders 3 4
      Head PNP 1 1
      PNP 100 104
      Intel Group --- 8
      SM Mall of Asia Security 100 100
      Head Security 1 1
      Bouncers Team Leaders 15 15
      Bouncers 235 235
      Bouncer's Team Leader 15 15
      Red Knights Security (for SVIP) 16 16
      k-9 Units 6 6
      Total 472 485

      Planned Actual
      Attendees 15000 12312
      Ratio 1:30 1:25
      U.S. Industry Standard Ratio 1:50

    • On-ground Security Personnel
      • Security was to be provided by teams comprised of bouncers, on-ground personnel and the police. These units were to be deployed inside and outside the venue including critical locations like entrances and exits and other entry points between different sections of the venue.

        On-ground Security Personnel were provided by Delirium and Red Knights. These are all bouncers with years of experience in handling large - scale live events.

        Security Objectives:

        • Deter and stop violence or unruly behavior
        • Prevent or minimize physical injuries
        • Prevent damage to property
        • Deter or stop theft and other petty crimes
        • Confiscate prohibited items from entering the venue (weapons, drugs, cameras etc.)
        • Prevent other threats like terrorist actions

    • On-ground Manpower
      • A separate group of on-ground manpower were deployed to operate key sections of the venue. These include manning entrances, guest assistance, utility, logistics, etc.

        Particulars Actual Deployed
        Project Managers 9
        Team Leaders 19
        Gate Personnel 111
        Top-up Personnel 30
        Tent and on-ground attendants 27
        Documentation 3 teams
        Barkers 4
        Utility 8
        Standby Manpower 10
        Technical Team (CCTV, radio, comms, etc.) 30
        Core AAI Team 32
        Total 280

    • Pasay City Event Inspection Team
      • During the event the Pasay City Local Government also deployed a 20-man event inspection team to verify compliance with the city's laws and ordinances particularly with regard to safety, lewd behavior, and drugs.

        Particulars Actual Deployed
        Pasay City Event Inspection Team 20

Planning and Production Meetings

CloseUp and its main suppliers Activations Advertising and Eventscape conducted three separate pre-production meetings with suppliers, partners and government organizations to refine and finalize the security measures that would be put in place during the event.

Pre-production and security meetings

Agenda Date Location
1st Production Meeting 05/12/2016 SM Mall of Asia
2nd Production Meeting 05/18/2016 Brgy Pinahan, Quezon City
3rd Production Meeting 05/19/2016 Brgy. Quirino 2B Covered Court
Final Security Briefing/Simulation 05/21/2016 Mall of Asia

1st Briefing Day - May 12, 2016

2nd Briefing Day - May 18, 2016

3rd Briefing Day - May 19, 2016


Venue Map

Barricades and Restricted Entry Points

The venue was barricaded to prevent non-ticket holders from entering and to ensure all guests were directed to the entrance locations and go through strict entry and security procedures.

Important sections of the venue were divided into different zones with varying levels of security and could only be entered by passing through security and inspection.

Guest Information

The organizers also provided information to guests regarding the safety and security rules of the event including a list of prohibited items.

Prohibited Items Signages.

  • Large and visible signages at key areas like entrances inform concert goers the list of prohibited items inside the venue.

Security and Emergency Safety Videos

  • Videos were shown on screen during the event that informed concert goers to follow the event's security, safety and emergency rules.

Pouch RFID System

Pouch provided RFID tagging system using an RFID wristband that facilitated and recorded entrances and allowed wireless cash transactions between guests and concessionaires. This system also restricted minors from buying alcoholic drinks.

Entrance Procedures and Security

Before entering the venue, audience members had to pass several lines of security steps.

  1. Barker Announcement
  2. Checking of Tickets & Frisking
  3. 2nd Frisking
  4. Scanning of Tickets
  5. Tagging and Registration


CCTV units were deployed to monitor the entire venue. All footages were viewed live in a central control room inside the venue.

Central Control Room

A central control room monitored and directed all operations in the venue via communication with on-ground and security personnel on the basis of the CCTV live footages.

Nearby Hospitals Link-up

Several days before the event, the organizers coordinated with 4 hospitals that were nearest to the venue.

Hospitals PDF
San Juan De Dios Read more
Adventist Medical Read more
Pasay General Hospital Read more
Manila Doctors Read more

Emergency and Evacuation Protocol

Organizers devised plans for immediate evacuation and assistance to all audience members and staff inside the venue in case of a major emergency including: earthquake, fire, flood, or terrorist incidents.

Emergency Medical Teams and Medical Stations

A number of medical first aid stations were installed offering immediate first aid attention. A larger ambulatory tent (field hospital) was also provided for medical treatment in serious cases.

Asset Capability Number Deployed
First-aid Station First-aid, minor injuries or treatment. 4
Ambulatory tent Serious Medical Incidents. Emergency equipment. 1

Emergency Medical Teams were deployed throughout the venue ready to quickly provide medical assistance to audience members when needed.

Particulars No. Of Teams
Ambulance Team 6 teams
Paramedics Team 30 EMTs /Nurses
Unilever Paramedics 2 Medical Doctors/ 1 nurse
Fire Trucks w/ Marshals 4 units


Date Time Activity
May 21, 2016 6:30 am Call time of Manpower @ Quirino 2B Basketball Court
8:30 am Call time of Core Group
Distributon of Breakfast Meal
9:30 am to 10:00 am On-site rebriefing of Core + TLs
10:00 am to 10:30 am Distribution of AAI Wirst Tags, IDs and Uniform of On-ground Team
Distribution of Pouch Devices to AAI
10:00 am Start distribution of IDs to Unilever, partner agencies and concessionaires
10:30 am to 11:30 am On-site simulation of on-ground manpower team
11:00 am Call time of Bouncers
11:15 am Assembly of Security/Bouncers
11:30 am Security Briefing on-site
12:00 nn SM Tickets Set-up (24 Laptops & Scanners) / WIFI Connection
12:15 pm Rebriefing with Unilever Brand Team
12:30 pm Distribution of wrist tags + IDs to Bouncers (per area)
Distribution of Lunch Meals
1:30 pm Clearing of Venue/ Prep for Security Sweep
All manpower should wear their uniform
2:00 pm Start of Security Sweep Proper
Distribution of Remaining event IDs
2:30 pm Distribution of Pouch Devices to Concessionaires
Distribution of Communicators
All manpower on standby to designated areas
4:00 pm Gates Open
6:00 pm Distribution of Dinner
12:00 mn Distribution of Midnight Meal
2:30 am End of Show
3:00 am Retrieval of all Pouch Devices (On-ground team + Concessionaires)
Retrieval of all Communicators
Retrieval of all materials and equipments
Inventory of Sales
4:00 am GO HOME AND SLEEP!!!

Manpower Rebriefing

9:30 am to 10:00 am

Distribution of AAI Wirst Tags, IDs, Uniform and Pouch Devices to AAI

10:00 am to 10:30 am

On-ground Manpower Simulation

10:30 am to 11:30 am

Security Briefing

11:30 am

Security Sweep

2:00 pm

Security Plotting

  • Security Placement of Bouncers

  • Security Placement of PNP


Fatalities Attended to by Organizers

During the event, three audience members were given quick medical aid due to illness. These individuals were then immediately transported to the nearest hospitals to be given further medical attention.

Name of Individual Hospital
Ariel Leal 22 yrs old San Juan de Dios
Bianca Fontejon 19 yrs old Manila Doctors
Eric Anthony Miller 36 yrs old Manila Doctors

Other Fatalities

Two other individuals who attended the event were found outside the venue and brought to hospitals. Information on the circumstances surrounding their deaths are unknown because they were not brought to the hospital by the organizers.

Name of Individual Notes
Lance Garcia 36 yrs old Found outside the venue by SM Mall security (not related to the event) near a parking facility and brought to hospital.
Ken Miyagawa 18 yrs old Brought to the hospital by acquaintances. Whether individual was brought directly from the event venue or another location to the hospital is unknown.

Click here for reference video.


Based on the planning and implementation figures, the organizers followed industry- standard safety & security procedures in organizing major live events involving large number of audiences. During implementation, the organizers exceeded the required number of security and medical personnel based on US and Government of Western Australia-Department of Health: Guidelines for Concerts, Events, and Organized Gatherings standards. The entry procedures and protocols followed and implemented this year were more stringent than, and actually exceeded, those implemented in similar events in the past.